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24 Oct 2011 Occupy Wall Street? An ARPA Canada Commentary

Update (Oct. 27, 2011): An Addendum has been added to this article. By André Schutten and Mark Penninga (www.ARPACanada.ca): Mr. Warren Kinsella wrote an article on the Occupy Wall Street movement which started in the United States and moved to Canadian cities last week. He asked the question, "What would Jesus do (WWJD)" with this movement? After quoting different new testament passages, he concludes with this: "...the Occupiers are a bit Christ-like. As noted most memorably in Matthew 25:31, when Judgment Day arrives, the ones who will be admitted into the Kingdom are the ones who have done the most for "the least" among us — the hungry, the sick, the poor. If you strive to know Him, like some of us do, there can't be much doubt that the rabbi named Jesus Christ was no capitalist. ....He'd be right down there with them, chanting against the bankers and the politicians who do the bankers' bidding." [Read all of Mr. Kinsella's argument here.] Is this really what Jesus would do? We think not. It is what a secular humanist would like Jesus to do.
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