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20 Feb 2015 Sex-ed curriculum: practical and easy ways to speak up for parental rights

March 31: The National Post published an op-ed by Dr. Scott Masson that is an excellent critique of the new sex-ed curriculum. Read it here. Click here for a new poem, penned by A. Blokhuis, urging Ontarians to speak up.  As many of you know, the Ontario government is ramming their new sex-ed curriculum forward and doing so without parental consultation. While we believe that God makes all education the responsibility of parents (the State's role is merely an "assistant" to parents) the teaching of sexuality and sexual ethics are particularly the domain of parents. What we are seeing with the present Ontario government on this particular issue is a blatant disregard for this Biblical truth, a terrible intrusion into the safe domain of the family home and a sneering "moral superiority" complex by a provincial government that really seems to believe they know better than almost 5 million parents in this province. How dare they? How dare they mock, disrupt and meddle in Christian family affairs! While we do not advocate for revolution and general civil disobedience, we do encourage all Christian believers to stand up and demand the civil government to back off. God gave this government absolutely no authority to teach our children about sex, much less about approving of and celebrating sexual conduct that He taught us is sin. If they want to do any of this, they need our permission first. What this government is doing is immoral. It is sin. It is wrong. I dare say, it is evil. The chief architect of this children's sex-ed program has admitted to criminal charges of child pornography, including asking a mom to sexually assault her child for him. This is just one more piece of evidence to make us want to shout our outrage at this program! How would a prudent government that just "cares for the kids" not take serious pause after such criminal actions come to light? Few in Ontario are standing up against this government. One member of the Provincial legislature is: MPP Monte McNaughton is one solitary voice in the Legislature who continues to push the Premier on this issue. You can see him asking great questions in this video, and you can witness the infuriating dodging of those questions by the Premier time and again.
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28 Nov 2014 Parents undermined in Ontario curriculum plans

On October 30th, the Ontario government signaled that they will again be introducing controversial changes to the sex-ed curriculum in Ontario. Our readers might remember the furor that arose after a graphic sex ed curriculum was introduced in 2010. Its explicit description of various sex acts and behaviours rightly outraged parents and so the government at that time quickly shelved the curriculum. However, this fall, Premier Wynne (who was Education Minister when the earlier version was introduced) has now stated that elementary schools will begin teaching the proposed sex education curriculum in the fall of 2015. Photo credit The education minister, Ms. Liz Sandals, also announced that parents will be consulted in this process. However, on closer inspection, those parents will be 4,000 pre-selected parents, one for each elementary school in the province. Clearly the government does not want to hear from the vast majority of parents, or those who want to exercise their democratic responsibility to interact with the laws and policies of their province.
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