Supremacy of God

The civil government has great authority, but that authority has been given by God and so is subject to Him. The Church and the State are separate institutions with separate responsibilities and so ought to remain separate. But this separation of church and state does not mean a separation of faith and politics; the state is not religion-free.

The civil government is called by God to do good, to punish evil, and to promote justice and righteousness. A Christian view of civil government promotes freedom and flourishing for all people as the government seeks to allow citizens to enjoy a peaceful life. Over the years, Canada has removed God from our public institutions and replaced Him with other ideas or objects. Yet, Canada continues to benefit from the by-products of the Christian faith in our political and legal systems.

ARPA Canada appreciates the difficult work of Canada’s legislators. We recognize that no person holds a neutral view, as all people are shaped by their moral beliefs and broader worldview, which in turn is influenced by various factors. This report provides questions for analyzing one’s personal worldview and assessing how that applies in public office.

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