Bill C-35: Early Learning and Child Care

Status: Received Royal Assent

Description: Enshrines into law the federal government’s universal child care system. The federal government has negotiated agreements each province and territory to help reduce the average cost of child care to $10 a day. Since any future government could reneg on these deals, the current government is trying to “bullet-proof” it through legislation.

Analysis: The fundamental problem with a state-funded universal child care system is that it systematically encourages the people who know children best and who are given responsibility for children – parents – to pass on this duty to professionals. Parents aren’t rewarded by staying at home by this child care policy. They are encouraged to enroll their children in a licenced daycare facility and work a paid job. While many single parents and couples both need to work to make ends meet, the government isn’t making it any easier for parents to care for their children. In fact, it’s adding further benefits to working outside the home.

You can read more about Bill C-35 here and you can read our three-part series about a Christian perspective on subsidized daycare here, here, and here.

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