Abbotsford board faces human rights complaint over dropped course



October 17, 2008

ARPA Note: Read some of the comments posted online below the CBC article (follow the link below) to get a wake-up call to the shameful reality of our secular country. Logic and reason mean little because our society is so blinded by its own folly – we need to pray. 

From The Abbotsford School Board could find itself before a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal if it continues to refuse to offer the high school elective course Social Justice 12.

Murray and Peter Corren filed a human rights complaint against the board accusing it of discrimination for refusing to offer the course, which deals with issues such as sexual orientation. The course was created after the Correns reached a human rights settlement with the Education Ministry in 2006, and was to be offered as an elective at high schools throughout the province as part of the settlement. [Keep reading this story here]

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