Action Alert: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Law



April 17, 2015

After taking the time to study the Carter Supreme Court decision and consult other experts, ARPA Canada is thankful to release our new policy report, which makes a principled, well-researched, and legally feasible case to Parliament to do everything in its power to criminalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. As we explain in the report, even after the Carter Supreme Court decision, Parliament has the means to draw a clear line that upholds the sanctity of human life. Doing so will require courage – so we are asking our readers to help.

Attached to this article you will find an e-version of our policy report. This report is being printed and sent to all MPs and Senators. Our request to you is to ensure that this gets read by our leaders:

  1. Please read this report yourself – you should find it well worth your time.
  2. Share the report with others, through Facebook, Twitter, email, or word of mouth.
  3. Send an EasyMail letter to your MP, asking them to read it and respond to what we are advocating.
    1. Letter 1: Request MP to read and respond to report
    2. Letter 2: Shorter request for MP to read report
    3. Letter 3: More detailed call for MP to do the right thing (no reference to policy report)
  4. Based on how your MP responds (or if they don’t respond), give them a phone call to discuss the matter. You should find plenty of help in the actual policy report.  

If you are looking for more information on this matter, click here to find videos, our legal arguments to the Supreme Court, and articles that ARPA has written for the mainstream media. 


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