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June 22, 2015

As many of our Albertan readers know, Bill 10, hastily passed before the election with major amendments, radically reworked the Education Act, Schools Act and the Alberta Human Rights Act. Bill 10 is problematic for many reasons, principally because it undermines parental rights, threatens religious and associational freedom, and promotes nonsensical public policy. For more about the problems of Bill 10, see our earlier analysis here. Also, we encourage you to read and share this call-to-action letter mailed to all of our ARPA supporters in Alberta.

We’re happy to share with you another resource and call to action. Please watch this video discussion between ARPA’s executive director Mark Penninga and ARPA’s lawyer André Schutten about Bill 10. Share it with your friends and family. And then follow up on the action items they mention in the video. 

You can also print the petition at this link (and read the fact sheets) and bring it to your school, workplace, church or neighbourhood and get as many friends, family and colleagues to sign it.

You can also send an EasyMail letter right now to your local MLA. We have three to choose from.

  • Letter 1 – Law can’t be built on feelings (link)
  • Letter 2 – Bill 10 violates freedom of religion and association (link)
  • Letter 3 – Parental Authority Undermined (link)

Please also use Facebook to share this action item by clicking “share” at the bottom of this article.

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