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August 27, 2008

ARPA Canada, in cooperation with a teacher from a Reformed school in Canada, have prepared some lessons for teachers and parents to incorporate into their classes or use at home.

We recognize that our children are growing up in a world that is increasingly opposed to applying our Christian worldview to public life. We want to make it easier for teachers to introduce students to some key political issues from a Biblical perspective. These lesson plans are our first step to making this happen.

All of our lesson plans can be viewed online here.

Complementary lesson plan packages, including two DVD’s has been sent to schools across the country.

Letter to Teachers About Lesson Plans

NEW: Religious Persecution (high school): Lesson includes background reading, discussion questions, and group assignment.

NEW: Human Trafficking and Prostitution – 2 parts (Grades 10-12):  These two lessons provide background information, a biblical perspective, links to videos, and suggested activities with the purpose of opening eyes to the injustice and examining what can be done about it.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Grades 6 – 12): This lesson is attached as a PowerPoint presentation (see below) that ARPA Canada’s director prepared for a grade 6/7 Social Studies class. It examines important sections of the Charter and includes an assignment that asks students to prepare a skit. 

Religion and Climate Change: Why is global warming being touted with religious zeal? This lesson looks at two National Geographic movies (available here) to help students discover the religious nature of the worldview underlying much of the climate change hype.

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Our Parliament will soon have to address new efforts to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. This lesson comes with an accompanying DVD that introduces students to the issue by providing real life examples of people who struggle with disabilities.

Human Rights and Human Right Commissions: As much as we value human rights, there are some serious misunderstandings about the nature of rights which is resulting in their exploitation. This lesson encourages students to consider the place of rights in our society and how Christians are to live when our beliefs are challenged by courts and human rights commissions.

The Separation of Church and State – How Should the Church and Government Interact in Canada?: We are told to keep our religion out of politics and public life in general. Is this a good idea? What are we to think of the separation of church and state? The consequences are huge.

Comparing Canada’s Political Parties: Liberal, Conservative, CHP, Green, what are the differences between these parties? This lesson encourages students to begin thinking about their vote.

Christian Political Organizations in Canada: This interactive lesson introduces students to different ways that Christians organize themselves when trying to make a difference in Canadian politics.

Political Ideologies: Discerning the Right from the Left: Related to the lesson on Canadian political parties, this lesson compares communism, socialism, liberalism, conservatism, and fascism and asks how they measure up to our Christian faith.

Redefining Family: What’s the Big Deal?: The family has been under a lot of political pressure in Canada lately. This lesson looks at what is underlying these changes and challenges students to consider the consequences of decisions to redefine marriage and the family.

Abortion – How Do We Respond?: [requires this article from Scott Klusendorf] We say we are pro-life but do we understand the importance of this issue and can we defend our views when speaking to others?

Demographics: The Birth Rate in the World, the West, and the Church: The Western world is facing a population crisis because we are not producing enough children to replace ourselves. Why does this matter. Where does the church fit in?

Not in School but still interested in learning? Group Study: Free Resource and DVD’s – Seek Social Justice

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