ARPA in Vancouver Sun: Liberal/NDP abortion policy and TWU



May 21, 2014

Mark Penninga, Vancouver Sun, May 20 2014: Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced last week, just before the National March for Life, that candidates for the next election for the Liberal Party will be required to be pro-abortion. This is clearly discriminatory. It excludes at least half of the population that for religious or other reasons does not support the status quo of zero restrictions on abortion.

I joined the thousands of Canadians who marched for Life in Ottawa on Thursday. Many of those who are pro-life are Christians. There was clearly a strong contingent of Roman Catholics, traditionally strong supporters of the Liberal Party. Another sector included evangelical and Reformed Christians.
This new Liberal policy therefore is indirect discrimination against some Christians. I have seen almost nothing from lawyers denouncing this discrimination. On the other hand, lawyers and human rights activists have lined up to denounce Trinity Western University. At TWU, students must sign a community covenant document wherein they agree to abstain from sexual intimacy outside marriage, which the university defines as being between a man and a woman.

TWU does this to stay true to its Christian basis. Outspoken lawyers have argued that because their professional codes of conduct requires non-discrimination, TWU should not be approved.

May I respectfully point out this reasoning may well apply to members of the Liberal Party. Keep reading

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