BC ARPA’s Get the Province Talking About Full-Time Kindergarten



March 10, 2010

BC ARPA groups have been initiating a quality discussion about the province’s move toward full-time kindergarten over the past two weeks. Last week Monday Langley ARPA brought a panel of speakers to address a packed-house. The film of that event was used in the Bulkley Valley yesterday for a successful event there on the same topic. And tonight, Neil Dykstra, chair of Langley ARPA, was live on the air for over half an hour discussing this issue on Road Kill Radio (for the MP3, click here and here). To add to that, people are sending in letters to the editor and are writing the Minister of Education. The Reformed community, and the broader public is getting active like never before. Congratulations to the hard-working volunteers from the local ARPA’s who are making this possible!

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