Bill 13 Passes Final Vote in Ontario Legislature



June 6, 2012

ARPA Note: Although this is very bad news, we are grateful that ARPA’s in Ontario, and the Reformed community in general, made the MPPs and public well aware of its dangers. We fulfilled our duty to be a prophetic witness to our society. But let’s not retreat now. Bill 13 should be a lesson to us to remain involved in the public square, both out of love for our secular neighbours, as well as to maintain the freedom to live our faith freely and openly. Other provinces must act now, before similar legislation is passed.

TORONTO, Ontario, June 5, 2012 ( – The McGuinty government’s controversial homosexual ‘rights’ bill that forces homosexual activist clubs on the province’s schools, including those operated by the Catholic Church, passed its final vote in the legislature Tuesday. Bill 13 passed at 11:50 a.m. in a vote of 65-36 with support from the Liberal and New Democrat parties, and opposition by the Progressive Conservatives. Keep reading

Bill 13: Gay-Straight Alliances (Ontario), Ontario Email Us 

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