Bill C-279 (Transgendered Rights) Can Still Be Stopped!



July 8, 2013

Although we would love to see our leaders stand up for what is right, sometimes we have to rely on other means to promote good law in Canada. When it comes to Bill C-279, which would add extra protections in law for transgendered Canadians, a majority of both the House of Commons and Senate support this dangerous legislation (learn more about it here). But that does not mean it will pass. If it can be stalled long enough and doesn’t make it through all the required steps, it will not pass. 

Thankfully, C-279 did not pass before the summer break. And the possibility of Parliament being prorogued this fall means that the legislation would have to start over again at first reading in the Senate. The further possibility of a successful amendment to the legislation would require it to go back to the House of Commons. 

All that to say, we must not give up! We can make use of the opportunity by continuing to respectfully show our leaders why their good intentions are not grounded in reality. This legislation will cause much harm, also to those struggling with their sexuality. Public policy cannot be built on the shifting sounds of how we feel about ourselves. It must be grounded on what is objective, measurable, and real. Bill C-279 can, and must, be stopped. Please take the time to write the Senators using our sample letter. A list of their email addresses is here. Of course, phone calls and meeting would be even better!

Bill C-279: Gender Identity and Expression, Gender Identity Email Us 

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