Bill C-36 passes 3rd reading in the Senate



November 5, 2014

With thankfulness to God, we are pleased to announce that Bill C-36, Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, has passed third reading in the Senate and now only requires royal assent to become law. You helped table this law – thank you! As we have communicated before, we have been supportive of it since it was released last spring and are thankful it has come this far.

The bill needs only to receive royal assent, after which it will become law – in time for the December 19th deadline provided by the Supreme Court of Canada last year when they struck down Canada’s existing prostitution laws, ruling them unconstitutional.

If you have not yet done so, you can read the Bill here. It is “An Act to amend the Criminal Code in response to the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Attorney General of Canada v. Bedford and to make consequential amendments to other Acts” and is quite possibly the most impressive piece of legislation we have seen with our current government, we are pleased to stand behind it and thankful for you, our readers and supporters for engaging on this issue as far back as 2011 when it was the featured topic on that years’ ARPA Canada tour.

Press release from Member of Parliament Joy Smith can be read here.

Bill C-36: Prostitution, Prostitution Email Us 

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