How was your Mother’s Day?



August 29, 2011

May 10, 2011 National Post: Mother’s Day seems to be the opportunity to complain about parenthood or brag about the freedom of a life without children. I do not share either sentiment.

The very early hours of my Mother’s Day were spent comforting our sick child, who finally fell asleep on his dad’s chest while I rubbed his little back. As the sun rose, he briefly opened his eyes, smiled at me then went back to sleep. That was the best Mother’s Day present I could get.

Sure, I endured morning sickness, painful labour, sleepless nights and terrible teething, but I received so much in return, such as giggles, cuddles and outstretched little arms when I enter his room. My career does not compare to the exciting and rewarding job of being a mother. Whether through birth, foster care or adoption, we look forward to welcoming many more children into our home.

Jane MacDougall is right: Mother’s Day is not enough. Thankfully, we get much more than that!

Maaike Rosendal, Lethbridge, Alta.


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