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March 21, 2014

Update from Legal Counsel, André SchuttenI was very impressed by the arguments made in the Supreme Court this morning. Although I would have preferred a more forceful approach by the lawyer for Loyola, he still did a good job of defending his client. The seven interveners were able to strongly articulate the values and principles that ARPA and the ACES Canada coalition advocated for in our factum. Although the question of the “neutrality” of the State was not addressed enough and the role of parents was only touched on briefly, nevertheless I was very happy with the presentations. Also, the interactions with the judges seemed to go very well. From what I could tell, they were favourable to our position, some of them quite obviously so. All in all, today was a very good day. We now wait for the decision which should be written within the next year.


After months of waiting and praying, the Supreme Court of Canada is hearing the Loyola case on Monday. Our legal team André Schutten and Ian Moes will be giving us a video update after the hearing (posted online). 

If you want to watch the hearing livestreamed today, click here

To read our written legal arguments (factum) click here.

To read Andre’s op-ed published by the Ottawa Citizen this morning, click here.

For more background on the case, click here and here.

To read a helpful summary of the various arguments to be made in court today, please click here.

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