Manitoba is unified on protecting Doctor’s consciences



November 7, 2017
It appears there will be all-party support for a bill to protect conscience rights for doctors in Manitoba. The issue came up in the Manitoba Legislature’s Question Period last month in the context of a man whose requests for euthanasia had been delayed because he was in a Catholic hospital which doesn’t offer or refer for euthanasia.

NDP leader Wab Kinew raised some questions about the process in that case, but also said his party would “respect the rights of health-care professionals to treat patients in a manner that respects their conscience.”

The Manitoba legislature is currently considering a Bill that would provide this conscience protection, and Kinew said the NDP would be supporting that bill. The Bill received second reading last week, and is now off for Committee review. ARPA has an EasyMail letter up on the website for Manitoba supporters to send to their MLA’s.

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