Maxims on Marriage



April 8, 2015

This week, I have chosen to bring up more than one maxim since they are all needed to demonstrate certain inconsistencies with the modern western legal approach to marriage.

Conjuctio mariti et faminae est de jure natura“. Translation: The union of a man and a woman is of the law of nature.

Maris et faeminae conjunctio est de jura naturea“. Translation: The union of husband and wife is founded on the law of nature.

Jura naturae sunt immutabilia“. Translation: The laws of nature are unchangeable.

Quae rerum natur prohibentuur, null lege confirmata sunt“. Translation: What is prohibited in the nature of things, cannot be confirmed by law.

Technically, what these maxims are telling us is that marriage (term husband and wife) are, in essence, derived from the order of nature, from the created order. It has nothing to do with choice or preferences. It comes from our natural state, our ability to procreate. 

These maxims can easily be traced back to the Word of God with these and other terms used: “…gave up natural relations…unnatural desires…” in Romans 1:7, Jude 1:7, Mark 10:6-9, Romans 1:26-28 and more.

If the union of a man and a woman derives its origins in nature or creation, where are same sex marriages derived from? The depraved human mind that has abandoned the natural relations. God considers homosexual intercourse a shameless act (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:27). The definition of marriage can’t be tampered with since it derives its source from the natural state, the way God created it. In order to accept same-sex marriage, society must abandon that natural state of a union of husband and wife. This is no longer marriage but an unnatural state between two men or two women and nature just doesn’t recognize that state. Nature just doesn’t offer us a relationship between two sexes that will bring forth life.

Civil leaders can’t just change the definition of marriage with the stroke of a pen without terrible consequences to the people they represent.  It goes against our great lawful history founded on the Bible and sound reason. 

– Maximus

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