More pushback on Bill 10



March 14, 2017
There’s more reaction this week to the latest developments on Bill 10 in Alberta. That’s the law that mandates the creation of so-called gay-straight alliance clubs in all schools in the province if children ask for them. A few weeks ago, Education Minister David Eggen conceded that the issue was “legally complicated.” The comment came in connection with a report he received on what to do about two small Baptist schools near Edmonton, who have announced they will be openly defying that new law.

Donna Trimble with Parents for Choice in Education says the minister’s statement isn’t surprising. “I’m fairly certain that Minister Eggen has been informed that if he challenges these two small Baptist schools on the fact that they do not feel comfortable integrating a queer-straight alliance in their school  – because it contradicts their religious freedoms – that he’s going to have a Constitutional battle on his hands.”

Trimble says this proves the point that her group has been making all along. The law, she says, must be amended to “once again respect the natural authorities in the education system. So that would start with parents as the primary educators of their children; their right to be notified and informed of what’s happening with their children in school, followed by the ability of the administrations in the schools to provide the care to children needed… in a way that is appropriate for the foundations of the schools themselves.”

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