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June 28, 2024

Gender & Sexuality
Does Medical Transitioning Lower the Risk of Suicide? 

“Would you rather have a live son or a dead daughter?” This is the choice that gender ideology advocates often give to parents with a gender dysphoric child. They claim the only way to save young people who identify as transgender from suicide is medical transition and full acceptance by everyone as the opposite sex. But the evidence doesn’t support the claim.

Ding Dong, The Witch Isn’t Dead 

The UK’s Cass Review made it clear that prescribing puberty blockers and cross-gender hormones to children is not based on science. Other countries took notice. But what has North America done with this information?

Petition to Stop the Medical Transition of Minors 

Please sign this petition that calls on the government of Canada to stop the medical transitioning of minors and instead adopt evidence-based guidelines and non-invasive interventions that are conducive to safeguarding the well-being of children and adolescents.

Public Policy
Will there soon be a national Conversion Therapy Day?  

Conversations about conversion therapy are back on Parliament Hill. And, no, they’re not talking about repealing or amending Canada’s deeply flawed conversion therapy ban. Instead, they’re suggesting we should have an annual “awareness day” to focus on the harms of conversion therapy.

The Cult of Expertise Has Gone Too Far  

This article critiques the sole reliance on (often self-proclaimed) experts when it comes to deciding the best way forward for Canadians. “Experienced experts from relevant fields should inform our policies and legislation, but so should parents, business leaders, factory workers, and farmers.”

Freedom of Expression
Can’t fight for unborn without fighting for free speech, pro-life activists argue  

Pre-born children deserve our protection and our voice, but this can only exist if free speech is protected in our country. For the pro-life movement, free speech is of utmost importance.


Quadriplegic man’s MAID death from bedsore results in public inquiry being ordered 

Earlier this year, euthanasia was administered to a Quebec man as a result of severe pain from bedsores. A public inquiry has now been ordered to investigate the situation and provide recommendations to prevent similar deaths.

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