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April 20, 2024

Children & Family

The 21st century is marked by many scientific developments that touch all areas of our life. Some technologies even touch the lives of children before they are even born. With IVF, surrogacy, and now artificial wombs in the realm of possibility, we are faced with ethical questions about the implications of these technologies for children.  

Recent data indicates that more than a quarter of deaths in young adults are correlated to opioid use, highlighting how serious the issue is and just how important it is for governments to take action.

An MLA in Nova Scotia has introduced “Harvey’s Law” for a second time. This bill would include giving better information to parents hearing a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child. The bill is named for a boy named Harvey, whose mother Sarah was appalled by the recommendation of abortion and the lack of accurate information and support she received when told her pre-born son had Down syndrome.  


California legalized assisted suicide around the same time as Canada, yet the numbers of people using it there are dramatically lower than here in Canada. Why are so many Canadians choosing euthanasia as a solution to suffering?

Gender & Sexuality

The Cass report was recently released, a thorough review of gender treatments in the UK and another blow to the model of “gender-affirming care” that Canada has adopted in dealing with gender dysphoria in youth. The UK review recommends extreme caution and a move away from medical transition for minors.

An excellent comment on the Cass Report linked above. Canadian paediatrician J. Edward Les writes, “In 1962, when the harms of thalidomide became known, it was withdrawn from the Canadian market. In 2024, now that the serious harms of “gender-affirming care” have been exposed, it remains an open question as to when Canada’s doctors and politicians will finally take the difficult step of admitting that they got it wrong and put a stop to the practice.”

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