News and Notes – June 8, 2024



June 8, 2024

Gender & Sexuality
Hope for Struggling Christians During Pride Month (GOSPEL COALITION)

June is publicly known as Pride Month. For Christians struggling with same-sex attraction, this can be a perilous month. Writing from a pastoral heart, Garret Kell addresses Christians struggling with this month as he offers encouragement of eternal value. 

Canada’s dangerous commitment to trans-affirming care for minors (MACDONALD LAURIER INSTITUTE)

It is encouraging to see continued media coverage of the negative effects of medical transitions for minors. James Pew writes, “Across the Western world, a reversal is unfolding. Steps are being taken to drastically limit or ban many of the radical gender-transition interventions and adjacent trans-affirming policies involving minors.”

The World is Transitioning (LET KIDS BE)

As we follow gender transition news around the world, we see many countries hitting the brakes on medical transitioning for minors. Denmark, Germany, and France are joining Sweden, Finland, and the UK in a call for evidence-based approaches, rather than politically motivated ones.

Is the Fight against Assisted Dying a Lost Cause? (THE PUBLIC DISCOURSE)

Pro-euthanasia activists may try to persuade people that opposition against assisted dying is a lost cause. Mehmet Ciftci examines this belief while also considering the international landscape of assisted dying. Canada has entered the world stage for its demonstration of the slippery slope of legalizing euthanasia, causing many people to reconsider and even shift their opinions.

In Vitro Fertilization
A Christian’s Practical Guide to Reproductive Technology (GOSPEL COALITION)

“In vitro fertilization (IVF) is not mentioned in the Bible. …While it is true that the words “in vitro fertilization” do not explicitly appear, the Bible has a lot to say about infertility, technology, and the value of life from the moment of conception.”

Provincial Politics
Prayer in the Manitoba Legislature (ARPA CANADA)

Last month (at a prayer breakfast, of all places), Premier Wab Kinew announced that he is considering changing the prayer that opens each day of proceedings at the Manitoba legislature. To ensure the legislature opening remains relevant to Manitobans from all walks of life and reflects the values and priorities of Manitobans, the Manitoba government will host a roundtable to gather perspectives on changes to the legislature opening.”

Zekveld – Buffer-zone bill about censorship, not safety (WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

Manitoba’s Gender Equity Minister Nahanni Fontaine says the province needs to ban all pro-life expression near abortion clinics, because an abortion doctor was shot in his home in 1997. But is this a reasonable limit to freedom of expression?

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