No Neutral Ground: A Christian Critique of the Secular Onslaught in Education Systems



June 24, 2015

ARPA Canada is pleased to share another resource with our supporters. In provinces across the country, education policy continues to evolve, and usually for the worse. In particular, new policies and programs are being developed and implemented that directly undermine parental authority, advance a particularly hedonist sexual ethic, and openly attack the Judeo-Christian worldview.

  • In Quebec, a mandatory religious studies program for all schools requires an “objective” approach to the teaching of religion, meaning that the State insists that Christian schools must teach about other religions uncritically.
  • In 2013, Ontario passed Bill 13, imposing gay-straight alliance clubs on Catholic schools and promoting a sexual ethic directly contrary to Christian teaching.
  • That bill has been replicated in Manitoba through Bill 18 (passed in 2014) and Bill 10 in Alberta (in 2015). Unlike Ontario, Bill 18 and Bill 10 apply to independent Christian schools too.
  • In British Columbia, a complaint from a homosexual activist was resolved when the B.C. government agreed to allow that activist to review the entire curriculum in the province to ensure adequate coverage (i.e. promotion) of the homosexual lifestyle. This arrangement was called the Corren Agreement, negotiated in 2006 and implemented in 2008.
  • Currently, Ontario is pushing a new health education curriculum that includes a very controversial sex education component, despite the concerns of parents over the age appropriateness of the material.

These bills, curricula and policies impose a one-size-fits-all approach to issues of bullying, religion, and sexual ethics on all schools in their provinces, including independent, parent-run schools.

This Christian critique is ARPA Canada’s principled, Biblical response to these policy changes. We hope you’ll give it a read, share it with friends, and also let us know what you think of it. If there are ways to improve the document, we welcome your input and advice!

Update (July 20, 2015): Read this article from Large Family Mothering that addresses some of the lies that are reinforced by the public school system.


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