December 5, 2011

The Carillon, Dec 1 2011: So letter writer David Dawson thinks the world is over populated. He’s worried about the peoplequake. He is so 1968, if not 1798. 

He thinks the world can only handle two billion “so we are already five billion over the max” he states. If we are at seven billion now obviously the world can support seven billion. We can never be over the limit by even one person or it is not the limit.

He comes with the old canard “too many mouths to feed” nonsense and points to famines. In the southern U.S. there was large area of which the Dept of Agriculture deemed to be on a scale the highest and worst possible rating for drought. The land was as parched as Somalia. But Americans went about their business complaining about the hot temperature and that they weren’t allowed to wash their car. Farmers fretted whether they would get their crop insurance and recoup their losses and pay for their air conditioning bill. Yet in Somalia they starve.

Why don’t Americans starve? Because in the U.S.A you have free enterprise, freedom of thought and inquiry, rule of law, just weights and measures, human rights on a Christian foundation, private property rights and freedom of religion.

Go to a famine area where there is wide spread starvation and there nearly all the time you have a brutal murderous government (Islam under Sharia Law or Communism), everything governed by whim, no justice, no free speech and brutal oppression of religious minorities. You will find wide spread confiscation or plunder of property under gun point (Islam, communism, Zimbabwe). Torture and executions are rampant. In fact there can be very favourable weather for agriculture, for a bumper crop and there can still be no crops and therefore mass starvation. It is Robert Mugabe the dictator of Zimbabwe who turned the breadbasket of Africa into a basket case.

Dawson echos the same sky is falling rhetoric of  Ted Turner. That billionaire with the huge carbon-foot print pushes the one-child policy bomb to battle climate change. Mr. Dawson pushes the voluntary one-child limit this same version of global salvationism under the guise of the leftist code word “sustainability”. That all enveloping catch phrase is indeed a religion, and it has a devil: Humans.

Gullible Westerners embrace Dawson’s view and have no kids. Muslims laugh and have ten. Muslim’s population explosion will lead to another population explosion in their attempt to overtake the world.

In Thomas Malthus’s mindset (or Karl Marx, David Suzuki for that matter) the pie is only so big: We must reduce the number of people who want a share of it. Christianity’s solution is: Make a bigger pie.

Dawson is the latest one of the followers of population doomsters like Thomas Malthus of the 1790s and Paul Ehrlich of the 1960s. But Dawson has the richest company the planet in regards of being like minded, for in Manhattan some billionaires like David Rockefeller Jr, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey met in May 2009. With more than 50 billion dollars in charitable giving between them since 1996 they decided that overpopulation was the most pressing priority.

These followers who fret about the population explosion have been wrong more often than the people saying the rapture is going to happen next week. It’s only fair that they be laughed at, at least as often.


Stanley Reitsma   Carman Man

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