Phone Script Bill 10 Response



February 19, 2016

Dear {MP},

I’m calling in response to the Education guidelines that have been required of all schools by the Ministry of Education.

Rather than listening to the medical testimony and the positions of many international psychological and health organizations this government is pushing ahead with what it considers to be the right path. Most concernincly, the encouragement of conditioning of children with hormones, surgeries and other dangerous medical practices enforces this process as valid and even as ideal. Yet this government is sponsoring this move and forcing the schools to get on side as well without proper evidence, and using our children as guinea pigs.

High rates of suicide amongst those with gender dysphoria shows that this is not something that should be played around with. People’s lives are at stake. Children are becoming the experiment. We need to use the Precautionary Principle in this instance and ensure that what we are doing does not cause more harm than good.

The guidelines from the education minister are rooted in a secular understanding of sexuality, gender, and parental authority and rely on the strong arm of the State to force parents and schools to promote this ideology.

I ask you to reconsider these guidelines, and enact policies that work to protecting children, not abusing them.

Thank you.

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