Press Release of the ARPA Canada board meeting – April 22, 2024 



May 2, 2024

On Monday, April 22, 2024 the board of the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada met via Zoom for its quarterly meeting. At this meeting, the board officially welcomed Hank Van der Woerd as its newest member. Hank is a retired United Reformed pastor now residing in Abbotsford, BC.  

The board had invited the staff to join their opening devotions, for the special purpose of bringing before the Lord a number of serious adversities that both staff and board have been walking through.  

“In recent weeks our thoughts and prayers have been with our colleague Ed Hoogerdyk and his family as they remain at the bedside of their son Zach. Several other staff have also experienced the loss of loved ones this month. While we know that the staff and board are bringing these things before the Lord in their personal prayers, we thought it was appropriate to be together for a time of reflection, reading, and prayer,” said George Gunnink, ARPA Canada board chair.  

After this time of devotions, the board continued to meet, receiving reports from the Executive Director on various operational and strategic matters related to the organization.  

The board also received, and the members approved, the organization’s 2023 Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report. ARPA Canada’s books are subjected to a rigorous annual audit to ensure that donations received are being used for the intended and proper purposes.  In addition to reviewing the financial records, the auditors also undertake a risk analysis of ARPA’s management, susceptibility to fraud, a review of its investments, as well as internal controls.  

“We are thankful that the auditors reported no significant findings in any of these areas. It is a testament to the systems that we have in place and the competent staff who work within these systems. Knowing that we are using the financial sacrifices of thousands of people across the country as stewardly as possible is something we are very thankful for,” said Gunnink.    

The board also approved a job description for an additional hire in the Grassroots Department, to work in Ontario and Eastern Canada. “A large percentage of our support base is in these areas, so we wished to improve our ability to come alongside Reformed Christians and work with them to make a difference politically. We thank the Lord that we are in a place to pursue additional staff for that purpose,” shared Gunnink.  

The board also approved some external assistance for the finance department and a proposal to further investigate the benefits and risks associated with pursuing charitable status.  

The next board meeting was scheduled, Lord willing, for September 23, 2024 (via Zoom), and the meeting was closed in thanksgiving prayer for the LORD’s continued abundant blessing on ARPA Canada.  

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