Press Release of the ARPA Canada board meeting – January 23, 2024



January 29, 2024

Press Release of the ARPA Canada board meeting – January 23, 2024

On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, the board of the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada met at Camp Evergreen, about an hour northwest of Calgary, AB. The in-person meeting took place at the same time as the ARPA Canada staff meetings and was a wonderful opportunity for staff and board to connect as they put plans in place for the coming year.

“The written reports we receive from the staff give us a window into the day-to-day activities of their work, but getting together with them in person on an annual basis is a special experience for the board,” said ARPA board chair, George Gunnink. “We left the meetings with a renewed deep appreciation for what each staff member brings as they work together to advance the mission of ARPA Canada.”

The focus of the board’s meeting was to review the 2023 finances, approve the 2024 budget, and adopt a strategic plan that provides a framework for the organization for the next three years.

“It is with incredible gratitude to our LORD that we received the 2023 actuals, which ended with a slight surplus,” said Gunnink. “Through the generous financial contributions of people across the country, God has provided once again for the organization.”

The 2024 budget approved by the board was approximately $2,100,000, a 9% increase from the previous year. “We appreciate the forward-looking perspective of the executive director and staff,” said Gunnink, “and place our trust in the Lord that He will continue to provide for the organization in 2024.”

A few highlights of the strategic plan include intensifying our efforts in Ontario (where the large majority of ARPA’s Reformed support base lives), reinvigorating the We Need a Law campaign, and increasing the impact of the law and policy team. “The adopted strategic plan gives the executive director and staff liberty in the specifics of how the three-year targets are achieved,” said Gunnink, “and we look forward to seeing them execute the mission of ARPA Canada by continuing to educate, equip, and encourage Reformed Christians for political action, and by bringing a biblical perspective to our civil authorities.”

There are also some changes on the board, as James Van Gurp and Jeanette van Ginkel moved on from their time with ARPA Canada. The board thanks them for their faithful service of eight and three years, respectively, and wishes them well in their future commitments. The board welcomed Debbie Vanderzwaag as a new member and looks forward to her contributions at the board table.

After appointing auditors for the 2023 fiscal year, the board also made the following appointments: George Gunnink (Chair), Aaron Oosterhoff (Vice-chair), Melanie Harthoorn (Treasurer), and Jonathan Van Schepen (Secretary). The balance of the board is presently comprised of Debbie Vanderzwaag, Marietta Linde, and Mike Schouten (Executive Director and non-voting member).

The next ARPA board meeting is scheduled, Lord willing, for April 22, 2024 (via Zoom).

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