Push for parental rights in Alberta continues



April 18, 2017
Pressure is mounting on the Alberta government over those Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs. Blogger Theresa Ng, who’s been covering this issue ever since the introduction of Bill 10, is asking parents across the province to write to Education Minister David Eggen, and to ask him some specific questions about links to pornographic websites on a government-sponsored page; links that she exposed on her blog last month. She says the letters should be a maximum of one page, and ask the Minister for public assurances that “the people who were responsible for offering this sexually graphic material to children on that government-funded website are not still being entrusted with authority over our children and our education system through things like the curriculum rewrite and resources and teacher training.”

While the letter should be addressed to the Minister, Ng is asking that they be mailed directly to her so she can pass them on. She says last time they initiated a letter-writing campaign to the Minister, it resulted in up to 20-thousand letters, but the government barely acknowledged them because the letters were considered “private”; sent to the minister. This time, she says, she wants to deliver them herself.

Information on where to mail the letters is part way down the page at this link. She’s hoping to have all the letters collected for delivery by May 5.

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