Respectfully Submitted



May 23, 2017
ARPA has released a new Respectfully Submitted policy report. Law and Policy Director André Schutten says the report focusses on abortion and pre-born human rights. He says the report uses language that is “winsome in today’s culture. The language of ‘human rights’, and basing (the policy position) in science.” He says the report pulls the reader through both the scientific record and then relates the issue to human rights, and how currently, Canadian law is “completely incompatible with both science and human rights.”

He says the report also proposes a “reasonable first few steps” towards protecting the pre-born, including gestational limits, recommendations regarding informed consent and advance notice. Five thousand copies of the report have been printed; copies have been sent to every MP and Senator, and also to the entire ARPA donor base. You can also view the report online, here.

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