Senate passes anti-spanking bill



June 19, 2008

Elizabeth Thompson, Canwest News Service – June 19, 2008


Proposed legislation that could see parents hit with charges of assault for spanking their children has passed a first crucial step on its way to becoming law. The bill, which would prohibit parents from using force on their children except in very limited circumstances, was adopted without fanfare by the Senate last evening. Liberal MP Marlene Jennings will now take it to the House of Commons, which must also adopt it before it can become law. Read the rest of the story here.

Action Item: Read the full story by following the link above. Then have a look at the actual legislation here. Next, contact your local MP and urge him or her to respect parental authority by voting against this bill. Corporal punishment is not abuse when administered lovingly and appropriately. Parents must take a stand against this bill. For a good read about spanking, check out “Bum Rap: Anti-Spanking Activists Should Take a Time Out.”

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