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February 20, 2015

March 31: The National Post published an op-ed by Dr. Scott Masson that is an excellent critique of the new sex-ed curriculum. Read it here.

Click here for a new poem, penned by A. Blokhuis, urging Ontarians to speak up. 

As many of you know, the Ontario government is ramming their new sex-ed curriculum forward and doing so without parental consultation. While we believe that God makes all education the responsibility of parents (the State’s role is merely an “assistant” to parents) the teaching of sexuality and sexual ethics are particularly the domain of parents. What we are seeing with the present Ontario government on this particular issue is a blatant disregard for this Biblical truth, a terrible intrusion into the safe domain of the family home and a sneering “moral superiority” complex by a provincial government that really seems to believe they know better than almost 5 million parents in this province.

How dare they? How dare they mock, disrupt and meddle in Christian family affairs! While we do not advocate for revolution and general civil disobedience, we do encourage all Christian believers to stand up and demand the civil government to back off. God gave this government absolutely no authority to teach our children about sex, much less about approving of and celebrating sexual conduct that He taught us is sin. If they want to do any of this, they need our permission first.

What this government is doing is immoral. It is sin. It is wrong. I dare say, it is evil. The chief architect of this children’s sex-ed program has admitted to criminal charges of child pornography, including asking a mom to sexually assault her child for him. This is just one more piece of evidence to make us want to shout our outrage at this program! How would a prudent government that just “cares for the kids” not take serious pause after such criminal actions come to light?

Few in Ontario are standing up against this government. One member of the Provincial legislature is: MPP Monte McNaughton is one solitary voice in the Legislature who continues to push the Premier on this issue. You can see him asking great questions in this video, and you can witness the infuriating dodging of those questions by the Premier time and again.

Like MPP McNaughton, many of you are also speaking up, and we thank you for that. You understand, as we do, that though this curriculum will first be introduced in the public schools, it will be pushed on our independent schools and home schools too. We ask you now to consider a few more helpful action items that you can do:

  1. There will be a rally at Queen’s Park (at the Ontario Legislature) on Tuesday, February 24 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We ask you to seriously consider packing a car or van full of friends and kids and making the trip to stand up to Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government on this issue. Talk to your friends on Sunday and plan to be there. (You’ll notice that the times for the rally allow you to get into Toronto after morning rush hour and get back out of Toronto before afternoon rush hour.) More details can be found here.
  2. Please consider sending an EasyMail to your local MPP on this issue. We have four different ones to choose from. You can ask your MPP to:
    EasyMail 1 – read and consider an IMFC report to change the sex-ed curriculum
    EasyMail 2 – protect parental rights
    EasyMail 3 – guard children’s rights to be protected from inappropriate and explicit material
    EasyMail 4 – defend religious schools and families from the worldview of the State

    Please make sure you follow up, and if they avoid the questions like the Premier does in the video above, keep hounding them for straight up answers. As a parent, getting a straight forward answer is not only your right, it is your responsibility. Also, one of our supporters gave us a good response that you can use. The Liberal MPPs office had responded this way to an EasyMail: “Dear Miss _______, we have asked for input by 4,000 parents across Ontario regarding this curriculum…” Her response: “Have you seen the petition signed by nearly 40,000 parents voting against the curriculum? That’s ten times the amount of parents speaking against the curriculum, than the Ministry is even consulting. Furthermore, the 2011 census says there are 2,282,914 families with children in Ontario. By only allowing 4,000 pre-selected parents to give feedback on an online survey, the government is only listening to a response from 0.175% of the total number of families with children in the province. Calling that “parental consultation” is insulting.”

  3. One organization that has been doing a lot of great work on this particular issue is PAFE (Parents As First Educators). Their president, Dr. Teresa Pierre, has toured the province speaking on this issue. Many of you have attended her info evenings. We encourage you to sign her online petition (available here) and continue to follow the updates from this organization too.
  4. Read more on this issue, including various reports, and an ARPA perspective on all of this, please click here. Please share our perspective on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Most importantly, we urge you to pray for our elected leaders. While it is our tendency to show disrespect and dishonour to them, we recognize they are still put in authority over us by God. The emperors in the time of Peter and Paul did not know God and yet the Christians were still called then to obey, respect and pray for them. Pray that our rulers might hear the truth, and might govern faithfully. Pray for a conversion of hearts and minds so that they may see the harm their policies might do to families and society and might change. 

We thank you for your action on this important issue! Together we can work to protect our children from the sexual immorality of the State.

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