Somerville: When is euthanasia justified?



March 16, 2010

ARPA Note: Bill C-384 took a step back after Parliament was prorogued, giving MP’s an opportunity to debate it once more. As a result, there is still time to send in postcards (click here to order them from the Euthansia Prevention Coalition) and write or call your MP.

Globe and Mail, March 15, 2010, By Margaret Somerville: Francine Lalonde’s private member’s bill to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide will be back in Parliament tomorrow. For millennia, euthanasia (a word I use to include assisted suicide) has been considered morally and legally unjustifiable. People who oppose euthanasia still believe it’s inherently wrong – it can’t be morally justified and even compassionate motives don’t make it ethically acceptable. [Continue reading this excellent piece here.]

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