Success Story – Speaking Out Against Filthy TV



March 25, 2009

Sometimes we may wonder what exactly happens to our letters, phone calls, emails, etc. when we perform an action item. The following story should provide some encouragement that little efforts can have a big impact.

In January, CBC TV featured numerous ads for its new digital channel called BOLD. The ads included many sexually charged segments that can’t even be described here due to their explicit nature. They were even run shortly after dinner time, when families typically watch TV. One viewer saw the ads and didn’t just get angry. She remembered an article she saw on the ARPA Canada website and looked it up again. From there she found the relevant contact information and wrote an email to the CBC, Advertising Standards Council, and the Prime Minister. In it she said “Not only is it ridiculous that this type of flashy cheap advertising is being shown during this time, it is my tax dollars that are being used to pay for it.  This advertisement should be relegated to the trash bin.  In fact the whole channel should be but at the very least it should not be shown during this time of day.”

In the weeks following, a response was received from all of the email recipients. Advertising Standards Canada told her that they followed up with the advertiser and were informed that the ad was no longer being broadcast and would not be in the future either. Furthermore, a communications officer from CBC sent a response that indicated that the executive and producers at CBC will all read her email of complaint. Finally, the office of the Prime Minister responded and also forwarded her letter on to the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

We may never know what impact this letter will have. But we do know that the message was received loud and clear by many of the authorities who are responsible for what goes on television. We may be disapointed with what we sometimes see in public life. But me it not be said that we did nothing about it. May the Lord bless these efforts to speak up for decency and justice in Canada.

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