The diminishing of human rights continues



August 12, 2013

The human right to lug your bulky baby carriage wherever you darn well please, including into private establishments, has been threatened. Th A small restaurant in Brampton has implemented a policy which does not allow baby strollers. Note: the policy does not ban babies; it bans their strollers. But that’s just not okay for

Awful, isn’t it? How could such an assault on freedom and liberty and human rights still be possible in a progressive country such as Canada? (I hope our dear readers can note the heavy sarcasm…)

this new set of parents (check out their sad, devastated faces). ey are outraged, and might consider a human rights complaint for discrimination. (On the basis of what, I’m not sure. But human rights lawyer Selwyn Pieters thinks the restaurant has to accommodate strollers to the point of “undue hardship”.)

Note as well that the reason for the policy is the limited amount of room in the restaurant and thus the safety of clients is of primary concern. But for Andrea Chilcott and Jason Desroches, their baby’s right to ride in style should trump the private property rights of the restaurant owner, the safety interests of the entire staff and all other patrons of the restaurant, and the right of a business person to set standards and policies for how they decide to conduct business and on what grounds.

Here’s an idea: LEAVE THE STROLLER IN THE CAR! Grow up and stop whining. And if you really, really need that stroller to come into the restaurant with you, go to another restaurant. Obviously this restaurant would rather lose your business than put their patrons’ safety at risk. at should be their right.

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