Three modes of education: Christian parents’ perspectives on them all



July 16, 2013

Education is a pretty big issue in Canada today, and is certainly an issue of concern for ARPA and our supporters. It will be the feature topic of our 2013 tour and the subject of ongoing engagement with various provincial governments and with the Supreme Court of Canada itself! But sometimes, it’s helpful to take one step back and consider education outside of the legal/political cacophony and consider it from a Biblical principles perspective. We’ve got something that might lend perspective in that regard. 

Over on the Gospel Coalition Blog, the editors ran a series of three articles called Perspectives on Our Childrens’ Education. They asked three moms of school-age children to share their families’ perspectives on education. Jen Wilkin, Jenni Hamm, and Amanda Allen are three friends who attend the same church and raise families in the same geographic area. All three share mutual respect for each other as parents trying to raise children with intentionality, in the fear and admonition of the Lord. In this series, you will see their perspectives on how and why they chose to educate their children through public school, private school, or homeschooling. What is notable and common in all three is the primacy of the authority and role of the parent. Here are the three articles:

Perspectives on Our Children’s Education: Homeward Bound – Amanda Allen writes about why she homeschools her children.

Perspectives on Our Children’s Education: A Private Enterprise – Jeni Hamm writes about why she sends her children to private school.

Perspectives on Our Children’s Education: Going Public – Jen Wilkin writes about why she sends her children to public school.

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