Updated with EasyMail: Vellacott Introduces Shared Parenting Bill C-560



February 3, 2014

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OTTAWA – MP Maurice Vellacott gave the following statement in the House of Commons on January 31st, announcing which initiative he was bringing forward for debate in Parliament this spring:

Mr. Speaker, I have had a difficult decision to make. I have 4 items on the Order Paper, and all of them are of great importance. One is a democratic reform initiative, and two are explicitly pro-life measures. One bill I have on the order paper is for the sake of the children. They all deserve to proceed in this place, but regrettably I can only choose one at this time.

I have selected Bill C-560 to move forward to 2nd reading debate in this Chamber. It is my bill to amend the Divorce Act to make equal shared parenting a rebuttable presumption in cases of marital breakup involving children.

Aside from proven abuse or neglect, over three quarters of Canadians want equal shared parenting to be the presumption in our courts when marriages unfortunately break down. Research clearly demonstrates that equal shared parenting is in the best interests of children.

Also based on conversations I have been a part of, I have good reason to believe that the other 3 items I have on the order paper will be picked up in due course by other good MPs who have spine and foresight. And for that I am also truly grateful!

– 30 –

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