Very Good News: Alberta’s New Education Act Will Not Be Shackled to Human Rights Act



October 23, 2012

Update: We have a new EasyMail letter that allows you to thank your MLA and the Education Minister in just a few minutes. Find it here. Also, Parents for Choice in Education has completed a detailed analysis of the new act. We highly recommend it for Alberta families.

Canadian Press has reported that the new Education Act coming to Alberta will come without the preamble that subjects the entire system to the infamous Alberta Human Rights Act. Government house leader Dave Hancock stated that the bill has been rewritten to remove the human rights reference but still supports the idea in spirit and in action. This spring, many of our readers in Alberta worked hard to respond to Act as it was then worded. Thanks to their opposition, the legislation did not pass in time for the election and was consequently killed. But we knew it would be revisited by the new government. Although we do not know more details about what the new Act will look like and reserve judgment until then, the fact that it is not tied to the AHRA is a very good development and is thanks to the fact that you stood up. For more information about just why the Human Rights Acts and Codes across Canada are such a problem, go to our site

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