Alberta Education Bill Dies



April 2, 2012

As most of our readers are aware, a provincial election was called last week in Alberta, which meant that Bill 2 (the proposed new Education Act) which attempted to require all education in the province to be in keeping with the problem-filled Alberta Human Rights Act, will not become law anytime soon. Learn more about this encouraging outcome here.

ARPA readers in Alberta played a key role in this development. When we called you to action, you responded quickly. Entire churches were mobilized and, via letters, phone calls, and rallies, you ensured that the provincial government was well aware that a large group of Albertans did not want the bill passed without amendments.

As a result, thanks in part to the efforts of some MLA’s, the government did not pass the bill before the election was called. Not only were parental rights upheld, you sent a clear message to our government that parents, not the province, is to be the primary educator of children. Thank you Alberta! After the election, education will likely be on the agenda of the new government. It is important to note that much of the Education Act was not problematic. New legislation can be welcomed, as long as it avoids the serious problems with this recent attempt.

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