Video: Mandatory Relativism in Schools



November 13, 2009

In this video clip from the Canadian Constitution Foundation, Michael Coren interviews John Carpay about Quebec’s mandatory “Ethics and Religious Culture” course for schools and homeschools. Keep in mind that this applies much broader than to Quebec. In BC a homosexual activist couple has been given permission (thanks to a human rights complaint) to make changes to the entire curriculum (K-12) and deny parents the ability to take their children out of classes that they find objectionable.

So often we hear the argument that there is nothing to be concerned about. Children are just learning about the diverse reality of our society. The truth is that there is much to be concerned about. Our tax dollars are funding the indoctrination of the humanist worldview through the education system. Even if you send your children to independent schools, don’t remain silent! We ought to be concerned about things broader than our own little circle of family, friends, and church. It is about loving our neighbour. For more about this, read this ARPA Canada article

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