Bill C-7: Phone Campaign


Thank you for committing to doing what you can to prevent the passage of Bill C-7 into law. You can find your MP’s phone number by entering your postal code. Please feel free to use the telephone script below to guide your call.


Telephone Script

Hi there!

My name is [name] and I am calling from [your hometown]. I’m calling today because Bill C-7 (medical assistance in dying) has gone through the Senate and will be voted on again in the House of Commons this week.

I am urging [MP name] not to support Bill C-7 and the amendments that were passed by the Senate.
The Senate voted down all amendments that were proposed to ensure that Bill C-7 protected vulnerable Canadians, in particular those with disabilities and mental illness.

I am calling to ask [MP name] to vote to kill this bill so that it never becomes law.

The reason why we will be better off with no Bill C-7 is that the Truchon decision (the court case that prompted the government to revisit MAiD legislation) will liberalize the euthanasia law in Quebec but safeguards around euthanasia will remain intact throughout the rest of Canada.

I truly believe that more Canadians will be protected through that decision than if Bill C-7 becomes law.
Will you commit to passing along this message to [MP name] asking him/her to vote “No” to Bill C-7?

Thank you for taking my call and please pass along my regards to [MP name].