Bill C-7: Phone Campaign


Thank you for participating in this important campaign to seek better safeguards against euthanasia! Please call your MP to express your concern about the current euthanasia bill that they are studying. MPs from all the parties – Liberal, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, as well as Conservative – urgently need to hear these concerns. Feel free to use the telephone script below to guide your call.

Telephone Script

Hi there!

My name is [name] and I am calling from [your hometown]. I’m calling today because Bill C-7 (medical assistance in dying) is coming for final vote in the House of Commons.

I am opposed to the expansion of euthanasia because expanding euthanasia and assisted suicide sends a message to suffering Canadians that suicide is a solution to suffering.

I believe that treating everyone equally, without ableism or ageism, means offering suicide prevention and supportive care for everyone with equal enthusiasm. Expanding assisted suicide, on the other hand, encourages a culture of neglect for suffering, elderly, disabled, and other vulnerable people and devalues their lives.

As my MP [name], I have a couple of requests or recommendations that I would really appreciate you considering and passing along to your colleagues [focus on one or two of the following recommendations]:

  1. Please oppose Bill C-7’s proposed expansion of assisted suicide beyond the end-of-life context, which would make assisted suicide available to persons with disabilities and chronic but non-fatal illnesses.
  2. Please oppose Bill C-7’s legalization of “written arrangements” to waive consent once one has lost capacity to give consent, which places an incredible responsibility on a doctor when to kill a person who cannot consent at the time of death.
  3. Please propose an amendment to make it very clear that a doctor can never suggest MAiD; the initial request for MAiD, or even information about MAiD, must always be made by the patient themselves.
  4. Please propose an amendment that would reinstate the mandatory 10-day waiting period. By cutting this requirement (which was in the original MAiD legislation) a person with Lou Gehrig’s disease who is having a very difficult day to ask for MAiD and be euthanized the same day or hour, with no time for reflection or even the chance to see a family member or friend again.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my concerns. I hope that you will take them to heart.