Bill C-7: Assisted Suicide – Take Action!

Take Action:

Week of Feb 22nd, 2021

The House of commons is debating amendments to Bill C7 this week. As we mentioned in our call to action earlier this week, this is our last opportunity to call on parliament to kill this bill. The Senate made several amendments to the legislation adding provisions for those with mental illness and for advanced care directives making this bill much more dangerous and concerning than it already was.

MPs have been mentioning that they received hundreds of emails and phone calls from concerned citizens about Bill C-7. We need to keep up the pressure. Thanks to your messages the opposition parties Conservatives and NDP have been standing and speaking in opposition particularly as it relates to those with disabilities and mental health issues.

We’re asking you to call your member of parliament to ask them to kill this bill ahead of their vote. Below, you can find your MP’s phone number and a phone script you can use. Thanks to each of you for your continued engagement and passion in fighting this bill!

Bill C-7 proposes to further liberalize Canada’s current law and endangers the lives of vulnerable Canadians.

Bill C-7 would allow a new category of people to be killed, namely those who are not dying, whose natural death is not “reasonably foreseeable.” This would include people with disabilities or chronic but not fatal illnesses.

What can you do?

  1. Pray that God will restrain the hearts of men and that they may vote to care for our neighbours through palliative care and suicide prevention rather than vote to enable our neighbours to commit assisted suicide.
  2. Because of this volatile situation, it is imperative that you reach out to your MP, the Justice and Health Ministers, and the Justice and Health Critics to tell them that you oppose the removal of safeguards and the expansion of eligibility. This is especially important if you know or suspect that your MP is supportive of assisted suicide.

ARPA’s Submissions to Parliament

John Sikkema, legal counsel for ARPA, had the privilege of presenting to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights on the issue of euthanasia and C-7. André Schutten, the Director of Law & Policy for ARPA, had a similar opportunity to testify before the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. Watch both of their submissions below!

ARPA Articles relating to Bill C-7:

Government tables Bill C-7 to expand assisted suicide

Kill Bill C-7

UN says disability should not be a reason for MAiD

Share Personal Stories

An extremely powerful way to connect with politicians and members of the public is to tell stories. Those in favour of euthanasia have used these stories well and to good effect,. We need to share these stories as well. Please watch the stories of pastors George van Popta and John van Popta as they discuss how the liberalization of access to euthanasia will impact them and people like them suffering from multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.

What about the Care not Kill campaign?

Another actionable item is to help spread the word of these troubling legislative changes through our Care not Kill campaign.

Click below to order fliers to hand out to your neighbours or postcards to send to your MP!