Six days you shall labour and do all your work….” – Exodus 20:9

Our labour, and how we spend our finances, can function as an important part of fulfilling our cultural mandate. In Genesis 1 God commanded us to develop the earth and rule over it. We work to glorify God – not just to put food on the table. Our work, finances, and all material possessions come from God and are meant to be directed towards Him.

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07 Nov 2011 Blame the state, not the rich

Carman Valley Leader, Nov 3 2011: The occupiers of Wall Street are at the wrong address. They describe themselves as the bottom 99 per cent. They blame the top one per cent wealthy or CEOs for tanking the economy. They should picket Parliament Hill or Capital Hill. The real one per cent is government.
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04 Nov 2011 Another Youth Entry: Funding shortchanges private Christian schools

Guelph Tribune Re: Doug Hallett’s article about new plans for public schools in Guelph (Tribune, Sept. 29), I’d like to bring to light the following issue. Christian schools in our community receive no government funding, and yet tens of millions of dollars are going into expanding the kindergarten program to full-time locally. The board’s proposing to build a second public school on Grange Road to aid Ken Danby school with their population size. Danby is less than a kilometre down the road from the proposed site. Need I mention that Holy Trinity Catholic School is situated right beside Ken Danby and is also funded by the government?
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28 Oct 2011 4 Letters to Winnipeg Papers (Stanley Reitsma)

"The News Review" Oct 27th edition of Yorkton Saskatchewan: The Occupy Wall Street protestors want Big Government socialist solutions to combat poverty. There are other ways government can tackle poverty. Poverty should be dealt with by government alleviating the Biblical definition of the Institution of the Family which is the married one man and one woman at the exclusion of all others martial union as a unique legal entity and with special legal status. This should be at the deliberate discrimination of all other unions, as law of the land.  
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24 Oct 2011 Occupy Wall Street? An ARPA Canada Commentary

Update (Oct. 27, 2011): An Addendum has been added to this article. By André Schutten and Mark Penninga ( Mr. Warren Kinsella wrote an article on the Occupy Wall Street movement which started in the United States and moved to Canadian cities last week. He asked the question, "What would Jesus do (WWJD)" with this movement? After quoting different new testament passages, he concludes with this: "...the Occupiers are a bit Christ-like. As noted most memorably in Matthew 25:31, when Judgment Day arrives, the ones who will be admitted into the Kingdom are the ones who have done the most for "the least" among us — the hungry, the sick, the poor. If you strive to know Him, like some of us do, there can't be much doubt that the rabbi named Jesus Christ was no capitalist. ....He'd be right down there with them, chanting against the bankers and the politicians who do the bankers' bidding." [Read all of Mr. Kinsella's argument here.] Is this really what Jesus would do? We think not. It is what a secular humanist would like Jesus to do.
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15 Sep 2011 CEO pay none of your business

Selkirk Journal, Carman Valley Leader, I could not believe William Dascavich's February letter to the editor calling for limits in CEO pay. He calls for governments to limit CEO pay by citing that in 2009, the top 100 CEOs earned 155 times as much as the “ordinary Marthas and Henrys in our country,” as he puts it, up from 104 times in 1998.
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09 Sep 2011 Christians vs. Capitalism?

By Michael Wagner, Originally published in the November 2010 issue of Reformed Perspective magazine (, pages 7-9: The capitalist West has the highest standard of living in human history. But despite this, capitalism is under constant criticism. Certain intellectuals and activists blame it for many human problems, especially poverty, since there remain many poor people in the West.
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06 Sep 2011 Minister Clement Opens the Government’s Books for All to See

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 31, 2011) - Today, the Honourable Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for FedNor, launched a website for Canadians to access the Government's quarterly financial reports. This represents an important move forward in the Open Government initiative as, for the first time, departments, agencies and Crown corporations are producing quarterly financial reports and making them public.
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16 Aug 2011 Tax-funded arts take on Sun News

By Ezra Levant, Edmonton Sun, Aug 13 2011: A few months ago, the great Krista Erickson, host of a show called Canada Live on the new Sun News Network, interviewed a Montreal artist named Margie Gillis. Instead of just telling Gillis how awesome she is, Erickson asked her some good questions about why she needed money from the government to dance. More than $1.2 million over 13 years, in fact, for her and her company. Krista and Gillis went back and forth for 20 minutes --...

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12 Aug 2011 Written Brief for the House of Commons Finance Committee

August 12, 2011 - Today, ARPA Canada submitted a written brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. The cuts that we suggest in recommendations #1 and #2 would save Canada almost a quarter of a billion dollars in 2012: $210,272,000.00 to be exact. This number does not include the potential billions of dollars that can be saved should the federal bureaucrats adopt a policy as suggested in recommendation #3 of abdicating their control of so many aspects of Canadian life by properly returning that responsibility to the...

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