But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity.…” – Ephesians 5:3

Sexuality is a gift from God, to be used for His glory. Of all gifts, perhaps this one has been the most misused and perverted since the Fall into sin. This is apparent in the way that our Parliament and courts have dealt with sexuality as well. We have an obligation to show the world what a blessing sexuality can be when it is used in conformity with God’s intentions – lovingly between one man and one woman who are committed to each other for life in marriage.

Featured: ARPA policy report on prostitution (sent to all MPs and Senators).


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12 Mar 2010 Another Human Rights Tribunal Case: Homosexuals vs. Christian B & B Owners

Montreal Gazette, March 13, 2010 VANCOUVER — For the second time in five years, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal will rule on a clash between gay rights and religious beliefs when it hears a complaint by two men denied accommodation in a Christian couple's bed and breakfast. [Keep reading this article here.]...

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08 Mar 2010 Hamilton Parents pull kids from public schools over gender teaching Tricia Cooper says she removed her two children from the public school system because she could see increasing infringement on her parental rights. As a family with strong religious beliefs, Cooper wanted to take her daughters out of an environment she feels teaches her something contrary to what she believes. “My child should not be taught in junior kindergarten that a woman can love a woman or a woman can be a man,” the Hamilton resident told the Mountain News. [Keep reading this article here.]...

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05 Mar 2010 Study: Cohabitation Linked to Exponential Increase in Relationship Failure Risk

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski, ANN ARBOR, Michigan, March 4, 2010 ( - Another new study has added to the compelling evidence that cohabitation before marriage significantly increases relationship instability. Dr. Pamela J. Smock, a research professor at the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, has published a study in the Journal of Marriage and Family of data gathered on cohabitation in the United States and the implications of cohabitation on relationship stability.
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02 Mar 2010 Jason Kenney Backs Down

Update: Former social-conservative MP Jason Kenney now claims that the removal of "gay rights" from the guide was a mistake and should be fixed. Consider sending a note of support to Mr. Kenney - [email protected] (CC Stephen Harper [email protected]). Immigration Minister pulled gay rights from citizenship guide, documents show, Globe and Mail, March 2, 2010: Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney blocked any reference to gay rights in a new study guide for immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship, The Canadian Press has learned. [Keep reading this article here.]...

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26 Feb 2010 Free speech victory in Whatcott v. Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal

Feb 25, 2010, CCF Newsletter, CALGARY: The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) today responded to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal decision in Whatcott v. Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal, a case in which the CCF had intervened in support of free expression. In a decision released February 25, the 3-member court ruled that William Whatcott did not violate section 14(1)(b) of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code by distributing flyers to oppose the teaching of homosexuality in Saskatoon’s public schools.
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25 Feb 2010 Child Pornography and Canada’s Minister of Justice

Check out the latest posting on EFC's Activate blog by Don Hutchinson about comments by Canada's Justice Minister about combatting child pornography. It includes a promise to reintrodce Bill C-58 (An Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by persons who provide an Internet service) which died as a result of Parliament being prorogued. Click here for the article....

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