• Tania Dimitrova
    Posted at 03:01h, 13 March

    I was born during a communist time.We are christians orthodox by faith and atheists according to the state politics during the communist era.It sound almost as confusing as the new gender-blender crab.We survive 500 Years of Otoman Turks oppression and we did not give up on our Christian faith.Our nation endure endless attempts for assimilation and it was our Christian Faith,our literacy and knowledge of who we are that kept us from extinction.We live in Very Trying Times now.IEverything is MASKED with “good words”,but intentions are corrupt..Children need us now more than ever.We should not let their souls down to the dust of doom.All the reasonable people from around the World are in shock and disbelieve with the desissions some lunatics are making for us to endure and for our children to suffer the consequences.It is not about tolerance,but about corrupting the souls of the innocents and brainwashing process that is very likely to succeed keeping in mind that it all starts from the Kindergarten..Everyone’s Rights are limited.The Right to the Lawmakers to pass a Law that infringe with Parental Rights make this Law INVALID. The moment this law comes to conflict with MY Right as a Parent.So,back off.Hands off our children.

  • Lee-Ann Clay
    Posted at 16:45h, 18 June

    Thank you for a very clear and well written article.

    Can you provide the link for: The Ontario Court of Appeal recently highlighted that “the right of parents to care for their children and make decisions for their well-being, including decisions about education, is primary, and the state’s authority is secondary to that parental right.”

    This will be a good tool for parents to have.

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