• Khanh Van Dyken
    Posted at 23:09h, 18 March

    I’m using my wife’s account. In a very real sense, transformation of the medical profession has already happened. If a family doctor in Ontario is unwilling to help mutilate or kill a patient or help kill the patient’s pre-born child–and the patient complains–that doctor could lose his license. After a totally ignored “public consultation” some years ago–there were over a thousand comments, most of them against the new policy–the CPSO changed their policy to accommodate expected legalization of assisted suicide, and I think the Liberal government of Ontario, which appoints almost half of the regulating body at the CPSO, may have also made new laws to the same effect. The atheist ideal of autonomy has completely replaced the Christian ideal of the sanctity of human life. Idealistic atheists and communists like Prime Minister Trudeau do not see a need for safeguards against corruption or limitations on power because they believe that man is basically good.

    Not just communists, though. One of Chancellor Hitler’s first steps in Germany was to fire Jews from the civil service and force them out of the legal, medical, and teaching professions. Five years later, in 1938, he identified them as Jewish–Prime Minister Trudeau’s unchecked boxes?–by forcing them to use a name from a list of pre-approved Hebrew names, all with the middle name “Israel” for men and “Sarah” for women.

    What’s the big deal about checking the box? For me as a Christian, your conclusion needs more emphasis: “I’d ultimately be lying.” I admire your very well explained and forceful refusal. When the Japanese conquered Korea during the Second World War, many Korean Christians refused to make the sign of worship for the Japanese emperor. However, others explained their willingness as merely showing respect, not worshiping. The question caused great controversy for the church and great suffering for those who refused to thus acknowledge the Japanese emperor. After the war, because of its indirect resistance to the foreign occupation, Christianity was regarded as patriotic in South Korea. Even today there are still Christians in the he11 above ground known as North Korea.

    Do those who think like Prime Minister Trudeau have basic compassion and accommodating reasoning? They think they do. They say, “Just check the box!” Linda Gibbons, just check the box (stop holding your sign on that one piece of sidewalk). Mary Wagner, just check the box (stop trying to talk with the expectant mothers at that one “health services” place). No need to go to jail for 11 years (Linda) or 5 years (Mary). “The unborns’ suffering has been drawn on for 40 years, so if Mary has to go to court umpteen times to defend life, that’s her little identification with the unborn,” Linda Gibbons said in January. “I often had a saying, that the system wants to chew me up, but they haven’t figured out how to spit me out. And, that applies to Mary, too.” And that’s how my fathers in their faith were able to endure their persecution–as sharing, to a very small degree, in the sufferings of the Christ–as proof that they were identified with Him.