Justice and Freedom

08 Aug 2017 LN feature: The nations rage, yet God is sovereign

Pastor Edgar Unrau, Calvary Baptist Church - Chemainus, BC Psalm 2 gives us information on how to understand the world from God's perspective, which is reality. Reality begins and ends with the Lord, and has everything to do with the Lord. That's reality. Here we see that all the people of the world rebel against God. Yet God remains God; He remains sovereign, and brings His plan to fulfilment. That's kind of the big picture going on in this chapter. But let's go through it more slowly. Verses 1 to 3: The...

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25 Jul 2017 Calgary MP launches petition to save Criminal Code clause protecting worship services from protests and disruptions

Tom Kmiec, MP A Calgary MP has launched an official House of Commons e-Petition on Bill C-51. That's the law we told you about earlier this summer on Lighthouse News. It would specifically repeal Section 176 of the Criminal Code, which makes it a crime to disrupt any worship service, or to assault or prevent anyone from conducting such a service. Conservative MP Tom Kmiec isn't buying the various arguments the government is using to defend the new law. The government says the issue is already covered in prohibitions against causing a...

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Lutheran Bishop Ludwig Muller, leader of the Reich Church in Germany, greets Hitler

13 Jul 2017 A Cautionary Tale: The Failure of the German Church to Oppose Nazism

By Colin Postma Over the past few months, ARPA staff have been discussing Eric Metaxas’ book “Bonhoeffer – Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy,” as part of our weekly staff calls. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor who is remembered for his opposition to the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. He was executed in a concentration camp in April 1945, just days before Hitler committed suicide and the war came to an end. Lutheran Bishop Ludwig Muller, leader of the Reich Church, greets Hitler One of the most striking things about entering...

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27 Jun 2017 LN Feature: Disrupting Church Services

André Schutten, Director of Law and Policy - ARPA Canada As we told you a few months ago on Lighthouse News, the federal government is making a move to eliminate so-called “zombie laws”. These are essentially old laws which are no longer in effect. The most common reason for their obsolescence is that they’ve been struck down by the court. While those laws are technically still on the books, they have become unenforceable, so they need to be removed to reflect that reality. But earlier this month, the federal Liberals introduced...

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26 Jun 2017 Will Bill C-51 permit protests in church services?

Take Action: Send an EasyMail letter to share your concerns about Bill C-51 with your MP   Did you know that Canada’s Criminal Code (section 176) prohibits obstructing a “clergyman or minister” from “celebrating divine service or performing any other function in connection with his calling” or disturbing “an assemblage of persons met for religious worship”? That prohibition might not be there for long. A new government bill, Bill C-51 (which has passed its second reading and has been referred to committee), would delete these prohibitions from the Code. Would that mean removing legal protection for churches...

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30 May 2017 LN Feature: Under Siege

Don Hutchinson, author of Under Siege LN: So you’ve written a new book about freedom of religion in Canada; the history of it, and where we are today. Talk to me first of all a little bit about the content of the book. What’s it all about? DH: “Under Siege - Religious Freedom and the Church in Canada at 150”, is a look at the history and the politics around the current status of religious freedom in Canada. And then there's a section that picks up from the politics and looks at what...

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23 May 2017 LN Feature: Confusing the roles of Church and State

ARPA Canada lawyer, John Sikkema The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear a case that has profound implications for the legal relationship between Church and State. It involves church discipline and centres on the question of whether someone who has been disciplined by a church can appeal that discipline in the secular court system. ARPA is looking at filing for intervenor status in this case and lawyer John Sikkema is busy this week studying what it would take to file that application. LN: So give me some background on this case. I...

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16 May 2017 Special Donor Opportunity: ARPA’s Bible Project

Help us bring God’s Word to every MP, Senator, MLA and MPP in Canada!     This year marks the 150th birthday of Canada and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. To commemorate the special occasion, with your help, ARPA Canada is hoping to present a Bible to every one of our approximately 1,200 federal and provincial government officials. We plan to include a special card encouraging them to look to God’s Word for life and wisdom. “So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me...

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25 Apr 2017 The Easter bunny goes to court

Lawyer John Carpay for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms The Children's Aid Society of Hamilton is being taken to court over a decision to remove two young children from a foster home. The decision to remove those children was allegedly made because the foster parents refused to pro-actively affirm the notion that the Easter Bunny is real. John Carpay from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is taking on the case. “What’s important here is that if you’ve got foster parents who are providing a loving, caring home, and the kids...

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31 Mar 2017 A provincial anti-human trafficking law worthy of applause

Bill 96 – Ontario’s Anti-Human Trafficking Act, 2017 – was introduced in February by the Minister of the Status of Women, the Hon. Indira Naidoo-Harris. This bill is well worth supporting. In addition to creating a human trafficking awareness day (February 22), the bill makes two big changes to Ontario law. First, it enables a victim of human trafficking (or someone on their behalf) to get a restraining order against an alleged human trafficker. Second, it creates a tort of human trafficking. (A tort in law is a wrongful act that...

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