Pre-Born Human Rights

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22 Nov 2017 Improving Canadian laws to promote the equality of in vitro embryos

Reproductive medicine has changed drastically in the past decades with the development of technology that allows for in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is the assisted fertilization of a human egg cell by a human sperm cell – thus creating a new human being – outside of the female body. Now more than ever there are more avenues to treat childlessness and to start a family. The medical assistance in the creation of human life involves serious questions of medical ethics, particularly in the way we treat life from its beginning....

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Tabitha Ewert Bubble Zone Bill Committee Presentation

27 Oct 2017 Safe Access Zone Legislation is Unconstitutional: ARPA Canada Speaks to Committee

**UPDATE: Bill 163 passed in Ontario, regardless of our opposition** Ontario’s “Safe Access” legislation (Bill 163) proposes to ban all disapproval of abortion around abortion clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. The Standing Committee on General Government at Queen’s Park in Toronto studied the bill on October 19. The Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) on the committee heard from a variety of organizations on both sides of the issue and I was grateful for the opportunity to present ARPA Canada’s concerns. For more information on what “safe access” legislation is, you can read our...

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25 Oct 2017 Press Release: Ontario Government censors one side of abortion debate

For immediate release from the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada October 25, 2017 Ontario Government censors one side of abortion debate Today the Ontario Liberals – with the help of all Opposition parties – passed Bill 163 by a vote of 86-1. This new law creates "safe access zones", also known as bubble zones, around abortion providers, prohibiting the expression of any dissenting view on abortion. “Censoring speech in certain areas, simply because you may not agree with that speech, is unconstitutional and violates free expression in the public square,” said Tabitha...

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24 Oct 2017 Banning pro-life info around abortion clinics

ARPA made a presentation last week to the Ontario Legislature's Standing Committee on General Government. The topic was Bill 163 - Ontario's pending "bubble zone" legislation that would prohibit demonstrations outside abortion clinics in the province. The presentation was made by ARPA articling law student Tabitha Ewert, and she started by referencing this spring's court victory on Ontario's ban on the publication of abortion statistics. Here’s a partial transcript of what she said: The court found in that case that censoring of such data was an unconstitutional violation of free expression. In essence,...

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10 Oct 2017 Status of Women Committee

Anna Nienhuis, Policy & Research Coordinator, We Need a LAW There was considerable furore on Parliament Hill last week over the appointment of a new Chair for the Status of Women Committee. By convention, the chair is always occupied by a non-government member of the Committee, and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer had nominated his Women's Issues critic, Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder, to that position. However, when the nomination first came before the Committee, Liberal and NDP members walked out, protesting that Harder was pro-life and because of that, wasn't able to...

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10 Oct 2017 US Abortion Law Director, Mike Schouten There was a major development for the prolife movement down in the States last week. The US Congress voted to pass a new law called the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act." We Need a Law Director Mike Schouten says the bill is a big step in the protection of the unborn, because it would essentially ban abortion after 20 weeks. “In its current form, it includes exceptions for rape and incest and for the (protection of the) health of the mother, so this obviously is not favourable from...

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10 Oct 2017 Bubble Zone Law

Tabitha Ewert, Articling Student The Ontario government is out with its long-promised "bubble zone" legislation to prohibit protests around abortion clinics. It’s called the "Safe Access to Abortion Services Act", and it sets strict limits around where protests can take place. The restriction around abortion clinics is automatic; a 50-metre zone that can be expanded up to 150 metres. Hospitals and places where abortions are performed, or where the abortion pill is prescribed can also apply to get an “access zone” designation. The law prohibits all pro-life messaging, without exception, in...

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03 Oct 2017 LN Feature: Where is the Evangelical Church?

Tim denBok, author of "Where is the Evangelical Church?" LN: Tim, what prompted you to write this book? In the preface, you talk about the notion that there is an "egregious indifference" to the issue of abortion in the broader evangelical church. Is that where this whole thing started? TdB: Well probably my main motivation for writing the book was my own personal experience of seeing the apathy and indifference of evangelical Christians. Until recently, I'd attended a local Pentecostal church; I'd been going there for 48 years, and I was constantly...

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19 Sep 2017 Pushback to Pro-life Messaging

The pro-life float at the Fall Fair in Smithers, BC Mayor Taylor Bachrach of Smithers, BC There’s been some pushback against a pro-life float at the Fall Fair parade in Smithers, BC. We told you about the float on Lighthouse News last week; it featured a big cardboard cake with the words "every child deserves a birthday." The float was well-received at the parade, but there's been some controversy since then. One woman, who apparently wants to remain anonymous, wrote a letter to Smithers Town Council, demanding that the float be banned...

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13 Sep 2017 Ontario to introduce “Safe Access Zones” legislation targeting pro-lifers

Take Action: Send an EasyMail letter to share your concerns about “Safe Access Zones” legislation with your Ontario MPP Ontario’s Minister of Justice, Yasir Naqvi, plans to introduce “Safe Access Zones” legislation – also referred to as “bubble zone” laws. This would prevent any pro-life messaging around abortion clinics, hospitals, and abortionists’ homes. This legislation is unnecessary, harmful, and even illegal. What is Safe Access Zones Legislation? Ontario is not the first province to introduce a bubble zone law. The proposed legislation will likely mirror BC’s Access to Abortion Services Act passed in 1996. This...

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