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22 May 2012 Legal Submission to MPPs on Bill 13

This morning, a coalition of concerned Ontarians presented to the Ontario Standing Committee on Social Policy regarding Bill 13, the well-intentioned but poorly written anti-bullying law. Albertos Polizogopoulos presented on behalf of the Coalition for Parental Rights in Education, which included the Ontario ARPA groups. André Schutten, ARPA Canada’s legal counsel, was also present to observe.  There are a number of concerns with Bill 13 as have been outlined elsewhere on this site. These concerns were brought forward in a thorough legal analysis and explained in the short time available. Albertos also explained the very simple and small changes that could be made to the Bill that would address our concerns and still promote a bill that aims to tackle all bullying. We hope that the members of the Standing Committee take these concerns to heart.
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