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01 Feb 2011 More Federal Funding for Feminist Causes

REALity (A publication of REAL Women of Canada - January 2011): Feminists howled with rage in september 2006, when the Conservative government cut their advocacy and research funding, doled out to them for over 30 years by the Women's Program at status of Women Canada. However, REAL Women has discovered that feminist research is still thriving in Canada on the taxpayer's dollar.
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07 Jan 2011 Prayer Alert: Sudan Referendum Jan 9, 2011

Update: Click here to read a news report about how the referendum has been going. January 7, 2010, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada: Further to the December 20, 2010 Prayer Alert, the EFC’s Religious Liberty Commission is calling for urgent prayer this weekend as Southern Sudan will go to the polls on Sunday, January 9 in a referendum to determine whether the South will seek independence from the North.
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07 Nov 2008 The Heavy Hand of the CRTC: It is Time For Action

According to the Canadian Press, "The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has ruled that Shaw Cable has not been marketing its gay-and-lesbian TV service nearly as well as do other cable systems. The broadcast regulator says, as a result of being subjected to "undue disadvantage," OUTtv was not getting nearly the audience on Shaw that it was getting elsewhere." [Read the whole story here.] Apparently the CRTC thinks it has to make sure that private companies are doing a good job in marketing, at least when it comes to promoting...

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