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12 Apr 2010 ARPA Canada Director to Speak at Smithers and Houston Pro-Life Dinners

The Demographic Winter: Challenges and Opportunities for the Pro-Life Community (Friday, April 23 in Smithers and Saturday April 24 in Houston): Had enough of winter already? We are only just entering it. The entire western world is radically changing as a result of a rapidly declining fertility rate. An economic melt-down, stressed health-care system, and violent clashes over immigration and competing worldviews are just some examples of the big-picture consequences of society's choices. Now, more than ever, our world needs to hear the positive message that human life is a treasure that must be protected. Being pro-life goes beyond protecting the vulnerable. It also gives hope to a world that is only just beginning to enter a long and dark demographic winter.
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18 Feb 2010 Parliament Report Sounds Alarm: Low Birth Rate + Ageing = Financial Crisis

OTTAWA, February 18, 2010 ( - One of the first official reports to indicate the disastrous consequences of Canada’s long-term below, replacement birth rate was released in Ottawa today by Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page.  While pro-life leaders have been warning of the impending disaster for years as abortion and contraception have wreaked demographic havoc, the financial fallout is beginning to strike home to governments worldwide.
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17 Nov 2008 Canada’s Health Care System heading for “Demographic Blowout” with Aging Population: Study

By Hilary White OTTAWA, November 14, 2008 ( – A new study has revealed that the Canadian government will spend $171.9-billion this year on health care, or $5,170 per person. At this rate “health care spending is expected to grow faster than Canada’s economy, outpacing inflation and population growth,” according to Glenda Yeates, President and CEO of the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), which released the study yesterday.
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