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30 Aug 2010 Your Letters Make a Difference: BC Government Changes Plans on Part-Time Kindergarten

In a surprising turn of events, ARPA Canada has learned and confirmed that the BC government has announced that independent schools may now maintain half-day kindergarten with funding. According to a notice from the Office of the Inspector of Independent Schools "While government remains committed to the implementation of full-day Kindergarten for all five year-olds by September 2011, government also recognizes that independent schools support parental choice. After reviewing requests for continued funding for half-day Kindergarten in independent schools, government has agreed to fund half-day Kindergarten programs in independent schools."
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02 Aug 2010 Who benefits from Early Childhood Education?

By Neil Dykstra. First published in Reformed Perspective magazine, June 2010: The provincial governments of Ontario and British Columbia have begun to convert their half-day kindergarten programs to all-day. The stated intention in both provinces is to extend all-day kindergarten further into the preschool years as funding allows. This means that children as young as two may be spending five full days a week in a learning institution in the near future. There is not much opposition to this expansion of the education system from mainstream Canadians. They have been won over by two things:
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